Toby and his friend Tiger are the official mascots of a la mode shoppe!

You know them from our website and from their presence around our shoppe. Would you like to color in Toby & Tiger? You can download them below and print them out.

Bring in your completed coloring pages to receive a free “mini cone” from now through December 31st 2015.

(Limited one per person)

We will be collecting and displaying all of the beautiful art work colored in by our participating customers here on our website’s gallery.

The project is open to children of all ages and adults too!


click here to download –> Toby & Tiger Coloring Page

Cat-Coloring-Pageclick here to download –> Tiger Coloring Page


 click here to download –> Toby Coloring Page

We are looking forward to seeing your art!

are you ready for your experience?

a la mode

homemade, small-batch ice cream made in our nut-free, sesame-free and egg-free factory.

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tel: 718-328-2300

for nyc shop information and to book events
tel: 917-639-3401


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