Go Nuts (Figuratively) For A La Mode’s Entirely Nut-Free Ice Cream​​

Go Nuts (Figuratively) For A La Mode’s Entirely Nut-Free Ice Cream​​

A husband and wife team pair kids retail and 100-percent nut-free frozen treats.

​Marc and Sandy Roth decided to combine her love of retail with his love of hospitality in April, 2016. Around that time, the eldest of their three daughters was entering preschool, and the couple got a taste of just how serious nut allergies were. Soon after, they learned that their nephew had a severe peanut/tree nut allergy. As a result, Marc Roth decided to learn how to make ice cream, leading to the birth of A La Mode, guaranteed to be 100-percent nut-free.

“We wanted to have ice cream for everybody, in a safe environment,” Sandy Roth says. “Marc learned how to make ice cream, and the demand was so high that we decided to open another company [in Fall, 2016] called Dessurt Corp.”

So A La Mode is the shop and event space, and Dessurt Corp. is the factory in Hunts Point, the Bronx. There are dairy- and gluten-free options as well. Two months in, business took off thanks to one father with a child allergic to nuts posting a picture of the shop’s sign on social media.

“All of a sudden, we were bombarded by people across the country,” Marc Roth says. “It wasn’t until then that we realized we were one of the only nut-free ice cream shops.”

Even after almost two years, Marc Roth says that they have 10 to 15 kids per day come in to have ice cream for the very first time. People young and old who order online record themselves opening A La Mode packages because of the sheer excitement of finally having ice cream.

The Roths work with allergy awareness groups and doctors to ensure that their product is safe for all. “The support from that community has been amazing,” Marc Roth says.

Fun fact: there is an Ice Cream University in West Orange, NJ where Marc Roth learned his chops, founded by Malcom Stogo (who is oft credited with creating the cookies and cream flavor in 1978).

Dessurt Corp. supplies ice cream to approximately 2,000 stores nationwide, and you can buy the treats online as well and have them shipped to your door. At the A La Mode shop, you can enjoy an ice cream flight of all the flavors on display before you have the task of choosing one or two. The shop is also an event space for the little ones.

You can find A La Mode products at DeCicco stores, Stop & Shop, and ShopRite in Westchester or check out their site to to order online.

Sweet treat: Nut-free ice cream safe for everyone to eat

Sweet treat: Nut-free ice cream safe for everyone to eat

Did you know that most commercially produced ice cream isn’t made in nut-free facilities? That impacts many people, especially kids, who can’t have ice cream due to the risk of exposure to allergens from cross contamination.

That’s why family-owned A La Mode Shoppe is making safe-to-eat sweets for the 15 million Americans affected by food allergies.

Run by husband-and-wife-team, Marc and Sandy Roth, A La Mode Shoppe makes 100 percent nut-free ice cream. What started as a stand-alone ice cream parlor in Midtown East Manhattan has grown — due to demand from the allergy community and a parent’s video that went viral — into a national brand sold at grocery stores across the country.

Made in Dessurt Corp, the country’s first dedicated nut-sesame-and-egg-free facility located in the Bronx, A La Mode’s premium ice cream is super-creamy thanks to being made with 16 percent butterfat. Kids can’t resist fun-loving flavors like Pink Sprinkle and Cotton Candy, while adults embrace decadent flavors like Wired, coffee ice cream with chocolate chips, and Speed Bump, dark chocolate with marshmallows.

Six pints of A La Mode Shoppe ice cream, $79.99, www.alamodeshoppe.com.

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The Nibble Top Pick of the Week

The Nibble Top Pick of the Week

It seems that once or twice a year, a new brand of artisan ice cream pops up in a local store.

Ice cream lover that we are, we try every one. They’re all good, but aside from the occasional groovy flavor, they don’t distinguish themselves from all the other good ice cream in the freezer case.

Finally, we have something to write about: A La Mode ice cream. It’s allergen-free: made in small batches in a dedicated facility with no eggs, nuts or sesame.

Even if you don’t have allergies, you’ll want to try A La Mode ice cream. It’s one of the best premium ice creams we’ve tasted in a while:

  • Great flavors, textures, mouthfeel (the butterfat is a creamy 16%).
  • Superb chocolate coating on the ice cream pop.

When we tool the tops off the pints, we questioned the aqua-blue and bright pink colors of two flavors. Could anything this bright taste great?

Yes, they can! The minute we tasted them, we couldn’t stop spooning up another taste, and another, and….

You don’t have to be a kid to dig into this ice cream. If you’re an ice cream-loving adult, you’d be remiss not to.

The initial retail line includes these craveworthy flavors:

  • Chocolate.
  • Cooks: vanilla ice cream with vanilla and chocolate cookies, swirled with chocolate fudge.
  • Partly Cloudy: blue cotton candy ice cream with mini marshmallows.
  • Pink Sprinkle: pink-hued vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Speed Bump: Deep chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows plus dark and white chocolate chips.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: vanilla ice cream with strawberries, cream cheese, ricotta cheese and graham crackers.
  • Vanilla.
  • Wired: coffee ice cream with chocolate chips.

You can find them in:

  • Bars (on a stick)
  • Cups (3.5-ounce individual portions, with wooden spoons)
  • Pints
  • Not all flavors are available in all formats

The line is certified kosher (dairy) by OU.

A La Mode Shoppe began as a boutique ice cream parlor in New York City.

If you’re in the neighborhood (360 East 55th Street, Manhattan), the ice cream parlor has many more flavors. If you can’t stop in, you can buy pints at retailers nationwide, or online.

We are delighted that they are now serving up their brand of happiness to consumers nationwide. The ice cream is also sold in bulk to foodservice customers.

Read more at: https://www.thenibble.com/blog/2018/03/02/top-pick-of-the-week-a-la-mode-ice-cream/

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“No nuts? No problem! Kids with nut allergies are in for a treat with A La Mode ice cream. Even though it’s made without nuts, sesame seeds or eggs, it still has that rich, creamy taste you crave in an ice cream treat. With five delicious flavors to choose from (my favorite is Wired: coffee ice cream with chocolate chips!), it’s available in containers, single-serve cups and bars.” —Erin Hill, Senior News Editor

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